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Let's Talk Liberty was born in the fire of the 2020 Lockdowns. Lucas and Sonia Bessey were enjoying success in the business world as their family was growing. Sonia was pregnant with their 4th child when the politicians began planning a national lockdown. As believers in Jesus, they knew that Christians were not meant to operate in fear and that the devil must be resisted. 

The Lord began to speak to Lucas about the necessity for bold leaders who do not bow to corrupt edicts. "If no one leads, you will have to lead".  After counting the cost, the Bessey's decided that it was time to go public with the message of Faith. 

Let's Talk Liberty launched in 2020 with the mission of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and perishing world. True Liberty is found in Christ alone. The Church is advancing and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it. Join us to see our world transformed by the Word of Faith and the Word of His Grace!



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